About Us

About The Jewish Fund

The Jewish Fund is a grant making organization established in 1997 from the sale proceeds of Sinai Hospital to the Detroit Medical Center. Sinai Hospital was a Jewish community funded facility that grew into one of metropolitan Detroit’s top health care institutions.

As a legacy of Sinai Hospital, The Jewish Fund continues the tradition of assuring quality and compassionate care for those in need in Metropolitan Detroit by awarding grants to help vulnerable individuals improve their health and human condition.

Our Legacy and Mission

Sinai Hospital, established in 1953 in Detroit, holds a significant place in the city’s history as a beacon for the Jewish community, offering a refuge from the discrimination prevalent in mainstream hospitals of the era. This institution not only catered to healthcare needs but also symbolized resilience and unity in overcoming adversity.

By the late 1990s, shifts in healthcare policy and economics led to the sale of Sinai Hospital. Rather than dispersing the proceeds, the hospital’s leadership partnered with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit to establish The Jewish Fund in 1997. This foundation was meticulously crafted to ensure that Sinai Hospital’s legacy endured beyond its physical presence, focusing on reinvesting in the community’s health and well-being.

The Jewish Fund distinguishes itself from other hospital foundations by maintaining a strong connection to both the Jewish community and the broader Detroit area. It operates not only as a steward of financial resources but also as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in healthcare. The foundation’s mission extends beyond medical services to foster a healthier and more inclusive community, addressing the needs of both Jewish and non-Jewish residents alike.

Central to The Jewish Fund’s ethos is its commitment to perpetuating the values of compassion, equity, and community service that defined Sinai Hospital. By strategically focusing on healthcare initiatives and forging robust community partnerships, The Jewish Fund continues to honor the spirit of Sinai Hospital’s founding ideals while adapting to the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery.

In essence, Sinai Hospital’s evolution into The Jewish Fund represents a forward-thinking approach to healthcare philanthropy, ensuring that the sale of the hospital marked not the end, but a new beginning in enhancing healthcare access and quality in Detroit. This transformation underscores the enduring legacy of compassion and resilience, embodying a testament to the foresight and dedication of those who envisioned a lasting impact on the community’s well-being.