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The Jewish Fund works to support equitable access to services promoting the health and well-being of vulnerable and underserved men, women and children in the Jewish and broader metropolitan Detroit community.

We are proud of the partnerships we have with organizations that present a welcoming and respectful environment for serving those in need.

A Thriving Community

We seek to enhance the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Jews to improve their quality of life and social welfare.

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Access to Quality Care

Through our mission to fund physical and mental health care, we strive to create inclusive access for marginalized people in underserved communities.

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A Healthy Start

We help organizations that provide access, opportunity and advancement to those who may face social barriers for a healthy start in life and throughout childhood.

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A Shared Life in Detroit

We support efforts to build meaningful relationships between the Jewish community and the diverse communities of Detroit.

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Knowledgeable and Effective Social Service Organizations

We support the efforts of non-profits to build a staff of highly skilled, informed professionals ready to serve the communities of Metro Detroit.

Professional Development Grants