The Jewish Fund recognizes the need to invest in the professional staff of metro Detroit’s local organizations that work in the field of health and social welfare – the mission of The Fund. A new mini-grant opportunity is now available to our current and recent grant partners, offering grants for transformative learning opportunities impacting staff and the organizations. Through these trainings, we seek to strengthen organizational capacity which will ultimately lead to improved outcomes in the lives of the recipients of these social services. The funding will support trainings targeting professional staff persons who are committed to their organizations and who are in positions which can successfully serve in a transformative capacity. Mid-level and senior management professionals are the primary targets for this funding opportunity.

Please review the guidelines below and submit a completed application through this website. All approved participants will be required to submit a report following the training.


Mini-Grant Guidelines:

  • Mini-grants will be awarded to organizations that are current and/or recent (within 3 years) grantees of The Jewish Fund and will be reviewed and awarded on an ongoing basis.
  • Mini-grants may range from $2,500 to $7,500 per training. Priority will be given to requests for matching fund support, but this is not a requirement.
  • Mini-grants are for individual staff development and will be prioritized toward those opportunities that are likely to produce transformative development for the participant in his/her role and/or the institution.
  • Priority will be given to unique development opportunities and not to ongoing training opportunities or to provide replacement funding for trainings typically funded by the organization.
  • Applications must present a business case demonstrating the value of such an investment in professional staff.
  • Examples of types of training to consider are Harvard’s executive leadership programs, emerging leadership training, skills-based trainings for unique staff such as special education staff, and grantwriting/fundraising skill development trainings. In-house group training sessions are ineligible.
  • A maximum of two mini-grants may be supported per organization within a fiscal year (June 1st – May 31st)

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis with a response provided within 21 business days from submission.

All approved participants will be required to submit a report following the training. Links to the application and follow-up report form below.

Professional Development Mini-Grant Request Form

Professional Development Mini-Grant Report Form