Thank you to all of who participated in our recent Grantee Perception Survey, conducted by Deloitte. We feel it is critical to understand how The Jewish Fund is viewed by our grantees, including areas of customer service, supportiveness, helpfulness, and impact on our shared missions. We will discuss details at our annual meeting but wish to share key findings here:

1. All grantees view the relationship with The Jewish Fund as a partnership, and perceive us as understanding and supportive of their missions and visions;

2. Grantees feel comfortable discussing problems with their projects;

3. Site visits are welcomed and appreciated;

4. The logic model used is generally viewed as helpful in achieving highter quality grant applications;

5. The Jewish Fund is responsive and communicates well;

6. Early assistance in the grant process is appreciated.

Areas to improve upon include:

1. Encouraging declined applicants to contact The Jewish Fund to learn why the decline occurred;

2. Creating a periodic newsletter for updates and useful information directed toward grantees;

3. Offer educational forums for staff and boards of grantees.

Grantee Perception Report Results are IN